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Start thinking strategically and stop babysitting prices. Every apartment manager deserves to maximize the value of their assets. REV uses a fundamentally different approach that blends the most appropriate data from the community and the local market to improve forecasting. Finally you can lease with confidence and answer: “Is this the right price?” GET A DEMO

Step 1

Other products from On-Site’s award-winning leasing platform feed data about your property into REV, generating smarter prices.

Step 2

Every price shows an itemized dollar breakdown so it’s clear what’s influencing your rents.

Step 3

Prices that want to push outside your comfort zone are highlighted to quickly identify where you may be leaving money on the table.

Step 4

Improve forecasting and boost revenue for properties of all sizes and types.

Create your own price guards.

Your price guards are limits on how prices can change over time. New pricing is generated daily with fresh data, and your guards will prevent jumps that you are not comfortable with.
  • Simple & Transparent. REV is designed to do two things: price apartments and give a clear rationale.
  • Customizable guards allow you the freedom to set prices within your comfort zone.

REV works with you to define your acceptable pricing volatility.

Review prices outside your comfort zone.

Exceptions happen when REV wants to push a price outside of your price guards. You will be provided a summary of what types of exceptions are happening and for what reasons.
  • Smarter workflow that focuses on thinking strategically and proactively about the future.
  • 360° Pricing. All of the products in On-Site’s award-winning leasing platform inform REV.

Examine the breakdown of exceptions for each pricing component and then review practical tips on how to reduce them.

Think strategically using your Pricing Power score.

REV considers market factors and balances your lease end dates. Units, floorplans, communities and portfolios are given a Pricing Power score so you can compare the relative strength across markets.
  • Properties of all sizes and types benefit from REV’s fundamentally new approach to market forecasting.
  • Unique Pricing Power score provides an apples-to-apples comparison between floorplans, properties, and markets.

Every price shows an itemized dollar breakdown so it’s clear what’s influencing your rents.

Roll out the virtual welcome mat.

Spread the word to thousands of prospects. On-Site's powerful Marketing Suite drives traffic and builds your brand effectively, so you can extend your reach without overextending yourself.

Turns leads into leases.

Leasing Suite’s online tools deliver everything you need to convert prospects into residents, from online applications to screening and e-sign ready digital documents with cloud-based file management. In fact, you might be left wondering how you ever managed without us.

Welcome renters home with first-class convenience tools.

Resident Passport makes it quick and easy for your renters to renew a lease, pay rent and submit maintenance requests online. Being a renter has never been this good.

Bring people and technology together like never before.

Work smarter and bring greater efficiency to your technology stack with Property Productivity tools. With CloudFile and our full roster of official partner integrations, On-Site is the centerpiece for today's connected leasing office.

See how REV can revolutionize the way you rent.

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